I don’t exactly remember the moment I stepped into my boy’s apartment for the first time but I do remember thinking one thing: What the heck with the marble and weird lights?!

The floors in the hall were indeed marble and they were illuminated by blue, slightly over the top spotlights. I am yet to figure out the lights and I was rather delighted to wave my goodbye to them (and the questions that they raised). However, looking at the carpeted floors in our house, I only now understand the love my boy had for his marble hall and plank wood floored living room.

There is nothing quite like a natural finish and this one has particularly grew on me. It may be because the perfectly filtered photos of marble table tops with white keyboards & rose gold jewelry seem to recently pop up on Instagram more and more often. Or it may be that I have grown up and I can actually appreciate it now.

Whatever it is, I have been obsessing over all ‘marbelous’ finishes particularly paired with copper (for balance). This Urban Outfitters journal might be the perfect starting point to a marble love affair (on budget).


m3 m4m2 All photos via Pinterest


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