Forget balance

I know that in theory balance is everything. I often talk about it myself, especially when it comes to food. I try to eat healthy Mon – Fri which takes a lot of planning and work. At the weekend though I allow myself to really enjoy the food and not be a bore sticking with salads but go for pancakes every time I feel like it (that’s right EVERY time!). Not sure this is balance in everyone’s world but that’s what I call it!

I remember when sometimes friends asked me for advice on outfits and I often referred to balance based on what I read or heard. Wearing a floaty, long top? stick with simple and fitted bottoms. I am not saying ditch these rules, there’s good time for everything but sometimes, well sometimes we all need to have fun! And I like nothing better than fun with proportions.

Wide legged leather culottes and loose top with wide sleeves combination certainly falls into a man repelling category. Throw in a large tote bag and you’re sure to remain single forever. I love it though. This is a fun, comfortable outfit that men would probably never get but I can’t wait to wear! Weather permitting of course. Heels make it a little bit more appropriate but I will totally pair it with white runners to. After all it is all about balance, we need to go with what feels right at times, even though it may not look right to others!



Imperfect pics in the house with a dog bowl in sight is a bit of balance too 😉




Culottes – Zara

Top – COS


  Bag – Zara

Heels – Nine West


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