12 months 12 countries # 11 -> Chiang Mai, Thailand

As promised, something on the next part of my trip – Chiang Mai.

This is the third year in a row when I’m in Thailand and although I keep on saying I must go somewhere else next year, leaving here today already makes me wonder how soon I’ll be able to come back…
Thailand for me is simply heaven on earth; perfect weather, the nicest people in the world, great food, cheap bags, I mean you can’t complain.

The resort we stayed in was amazing, we even had a dressing room (like I said, heaven) and all around resort there were cute little hidden spots for reading and sitting around. We also discovered a small, French cafe just around the corner which seemed so out of place in Thailand but so so lovely with old fashion French music in the background.

I got to do the touristy things (even rub a ‘little’ tiger) but most of all, I sat by the pool and read books. Heaven.


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