I never thought I would be that person with piles of sunglasses around. Especially since living in Dublin, I mean it’s not like I actually need any! But here I am again, with another pair arriving in the post… I will put it down to being positive and making sure I am prepared when a scorching hot Irish summer arrives!

The glasses arrived really quickly and on a perfectly sunny morning (how did they do that?!). I was surprised to see that 2 free pouches were also supplied. One hard and one soft cover, I’m sure they will come handy (they’re not the most stylish ones around but hey, they’re needed).  I nearly disposed of a mysterious bag with small metal tools inside when my boy explained that this is a handy set of tools. For people who fix their glasses of course. I left it for him to play with..

All in all I thought the glasses looked better than online. It’s a great shape and I am really happy with them. I am yet to try them out driving (a real test in my opinion, I seem to see less when driving, don’t ask why and do not mention to Garda) but so far it’s 8 out of 10 to Firmoo for both service and product!

Firmoo is now running a Free for New Buyer programme so you can pick a pair of glasses and only have to pay for the postage! Brilliant idea and you can check it out HERE.


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