Alex and Ani

I could tell you many stories about St. Anthony and his amazing powers but it’s probably not the place or time. I have to mention though the time my mom found her precious gold earring drove over by a car months after it was lost, after she had very clearly bribed St. Anthony in a local Church, I always had a lot of respect for the guy after that. He has since assisted me (or should I say this little silver statue of him) to every exam in my life and I am yet to fail…
As you can understand, he holds a special place in my books and he’s been well written in to my family’ history.
You can imagine my excitement when I heard about Angela Scanlon’s partnership with Alex and Ani. I’ve been lusting after their jewellery since and this St. Anthony’s necklace seems like the perfect piece for me..
Check out their website for a story behind the brand which is really interesting and in case you haven’t heard, they’re now available in Arnotts!

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