I have recently gone mad…

about Steve Madden!

I always drooled over his shoes on the american blogs but since the name never came up while in Dublin, I just assumed you can’t get it at home.


My recent discovery that TK Maxx stocks Madden’s stuff left me no choice but to go shopping… I meant MAD shopping!

I got a pair of heels (after a LOT of thinking since there were 4 pairs available, surprisingly all in my size too – destiny or what?) which I am so happy with, I might just never wear them. That perfect shade of pink could be ruined too easily on a night out and so far I just stick to adoring them.

Since the shoes were so perfect I thought I’ve had enough. My craving was obviously not satisfied though as when I found a couple of different SM items in Belfast about a week later, I wanted them all.

I ended up going for a fur gilet (how handy considering the summer is about to begin).

And 2 pairs of sunglasses – that was the most difficult choice, they were all fab.

Bliss… hope not to see Madden’s stuff any time soon, my credit card can only take so much 😉


5 thoughts on “I have recently gone mad…

  1. Love your shopping! Those shoes are divine! I have the same fear while wearing delicately colored shoes out that I dont ruin them. I've learned my lesson by partying hard in light heels and waking up next moring to see a disaster!


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