Day to night # Sequins

My recent piece for RTE’s Twotube on sequined garments was full of advice on how to pull off these tricky (but oh-so-fab) pieces and which ones to go for (read it HERE). Do they really work? I’m about to prove my point.

I decided to use my last 9-to-5 look as a basis for an outfit that would be suitable for drinks or dinner after work. So it’s a day to night scenario using a sequined garment.

All I did was: swapped the black blazer for a sequined one, the oversized bag for a clutch and the flats for a pair of heels. 3 simple changes (all of the items would easily fit in the oversized bag during work hours) and you’re totally ready for a night out. Thanks to monochrome basis of the outfit it was easy to up-style it and make it suitable for a night.

After a busy day at work, we all deserve a break…
Cosmo anyone? 😉

Blazer –
Shirt – Zara
Trousers – Zara
It’s in a detail…
For details on previous outfit’s accessories, pls see previous post
Heels – Faith
Clutch bag – FCUK
Watch – DW
Ring – bought at a flea market in Brussels

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