I have recently had an opportunity to attend a preview of autumn collections for a few interesting brands: Second Female, Land’s End, Simone Perele and Olsen. I wasn’t familiar with some of them so it was great to have a look at their AW collections to get a feel for the brands.
What did I see and more importantly, did I like it? Heck yeah!

Second Female is very Scandinavian and in case you didn’t hear, I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to their style. I was instantly in love as you’ll notice below (I took loads of photos of their stuff).

Land’s End is much more casual than the type of clothes I would normally go for but it had some great basics and we all know, there isn’t much you can do without those!

Olsen had it’s own style and I really liked it for this, I can’t actually compare it to any other brand which is very positive (it’s not easy to find something different nowadays!).

Last but definitely not least, Simone Perele presented a stunning range of lingerie.

See for yourself in these few snaps below.

This has (almost literally) got my name on it! 😉

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