Cover up… in style and pocket friendly

As much as my cold still bothers me there is little (or nothing) that stops woman from shopping (commonly known). So I set off today for (what was supposed to be) a very short shopping trip. Target? boots. I know… it’s getting late and any reasonable fashion/shopaholic has already 3 pairs for the coming winter but I always prefer to take time with these… Ok, I lied, I just don’t know what I’m really looking for!

Anyway, I went through quite a lot (read:endless) ankle/knee/over knee -> very this season! boots in most of places around town but didn’t find my dream ones. So I decided to meet up with my sis and her little one and do a bit of ‘looking for nothing in Penneys’. Surprisingly enough (not really, I had to buy SOMETHING after all) I got this cool jacket at a not surprising but shocking price! (too good to mention!) It’s grey and big and cosy and slouchy and it ends just above my knees and most importantly it’s exactly like the one I wanted! It goes well with the sequined hat that up until now has been more of a decoration on my mirror and possibly will be good to stick these autumn flowers onto…

This is probably what I like most about winter – every single day there are very good and logical reasons to cover up – head to toes 😉

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