9-to-5 #cropped top

I talked about 9 to 5 dressing being a challenge many times before but over the last 2 weeks, it has turned into a bit of a nightmare. As much as I love summer in Ireland, the two unexpectedly hot and humid weeks can really make you sweat (due to the stress of wearing inappropriate clothes, not just the temperature).

I strongly believe that keeping legs out is the best way to fight summer in the office (I can’t believe I’m actually saying that but considering that my hair is up, I’m definitely up for a fight!). Keep the hemline sensibly low, the shape comfortably loose and the waist suitably high. As soon as your skirt ticks these 3 boxes you can go for a cropped top and you’re still looking work appropriate (and hot, not perspiring type of hot though). Miss one and you’ll be the talk of the office (for all the wrong reasons).

When it comes to handbags for work, I’m afraid for me it’s always about size (it has to fit all of the emergency make up, umbrella, sometimes spare shoes and of course a tablet, diary & other work items). Effectively all my work bags are either in bold block colours or printed. Depending on my mood (rarely the outfit) I pick what suits the day. Mismatched? Potentially, I call it interesting.
Shoulder strap = an advantage.

Top – Boohoo
It’s in the details…
Ring – Dublin Flea Market
Watch – bought in States

2 thoughts on “9-to-5 #cropped top

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this look, I actually thought they were coulottes at first glance, the fullness of the skirt is divine. I have been craving a pair of nude court shoes as well but could only find a sub-standard pair after the beautiful Zara ones sold out, I will definitely be looking into making a purchase of these ones… and that top, I have the same one in white by Lavish Alice but this boohoo one is more reasonably priced you'l get loads of wear out of it… great look 🙂 i come undone


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