What I always admired about Irish people is their way of standing this cold and miserable weather and getting through it like it would be a sunny day in Italy 🙂

The above mentioned weather condition welcomed me today morning at the bus stop with little snow that looked so out of place falling onto my sad face. While I was trying to disappear behind my oversized coat and a scarf tied up to my forehead one of the Irish unaffected species passed me by. I couldn’t help but stare at her lively walk in silver flats (as opposed to my black flat boots), lovely coat (as opposed to my grey ‘potato sack’) with a shiny waist belt (no comparison), etnic style pashmina (as apposed to my black boring scarf) and a classy Chanel bag (as opposed to my out of place sparkly, animal print sack thing).

Being an Eastern European you would think I’d be better in getting through winter in style, wouldn’t you?


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