12 months 12 countries # 8 -> Brussels, Belgium

I was warned several times that I’m heading for the most boring place in Europe, however, on Friday morning, I have landed in a ‘chips and chocolate heaven’ (& beer but personally I’m not a fan).

I don’t know whether it was the weather (26C+ and blue skies are always welcome, especially since I haven’t seen those since June -> my last trip) or the beer festival that attracted lots of tourists and guaranteed a constant buzz around the city but I really liked it! It had that European feel to it (you would sort of expect that from the European capital huh) with cool cafes, galleries, markets, restaurants with pretty views etc. Moreover, it was flooded with chocolates and chips and if you know me at least a little bit, you know that I can resist anything but these two. I actually realised going through the photos that most of my pics from the weekend are chocolate shops & displays.

If you’re heading to Brussels anytime soon (for leisure, not business purposes) I would recommend few things:

1. Check how to get to your hotel, they have a huge metro / tram / train / communication service but it can be really confusing when you don’t know where you’re going
2. Make sure you know where you’re actually trying to get to (as in address 🙂
3. If possible, stay in the Stanhope hotel : fab fab place, I enclose some pics below
4. Visit the flea market that’s considered to be one of Europe’s top 10 and is actually on every day! anything from furniture, jewellery, paintings, to tons and tons of vintage bags and clothes (some really funky and old) can be found there
5. Book your luggage in advance so that you could actually shop at the above
6. Visit the Mini Europe! sounds corny and childish but it’s actually fun, also, there is an ocean world (or something like that) that looks cool so bring your swimming suit along!
7. Take the city tour – it really is interesting! you can also get some tan if the weather is good and you sit on the deck!
8. Eat as much chocolate and chips as you can (unless you’re there for more than 2 days, I wouldn’t push it then 😉
9. Enjoy!

Below are my few little purchases: a vintage bag, an old ring and 2 vintage scarves, all from the market + traditionally – Vogue.

4 more countries to go and we’re in to 2012… hard to believe.

4 thoughts on “12 months 12 countries # 8 -> Brussels, Belgium

  1. It looks amazing, I fell for the pictures of the hotel and flea market – I'd love to see it! I need to place Brussels on my “must-visit-destinations” list 🙂


  2. I went interrrailing a few years ago and was always raging that we didn't stop off in Belgium, it looks lovely. Can't believe the weather at this time of year either, nice one!


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